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About the Village of Queen Charlotte

Haida Gwaii (The Queen Charlotte Islands) is an archipelago of between 150 and 200 islands, located off the northwest coast of British Columbia. The Village of Queen Charlotte is the centrally located community at the south end of Graham Island.

Known as the Galapagos of British Columbia, the Islands are a rainforest of natural beauty and wildlife. Haida and settler cultures add to the diversity while the mild climate allows for lush vegetation and abundant wildlife. Deer, racoons, black bear, and many varieties of birds such as bald eagles and peregrine falcons can be viewed seasonally in easily accessible areas.

The Queen Charlotte Mountain Ranges provides a backdrop for the Island communities and a haven for hikers of all levels. The Charlotte Lowlands and Skidegate Plateau encompass everything from muskeg to marshes to soft hills. There are many less strenuous paths, often reaching or following inland lakes and rivers, available for hikers, bikers, birders, hunters and nature lovers or you may challenge yourself climbing Sleeping Beauty for a 360 degree view of Skidegate Inlet to the west coast.


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Visitor and area maps

The Visitor Directory Map (PDF) gives the visitor an overview of the businesses and services available in the Village of Queen Charlotte. Find where to eat, a place to stay, locate grocery stores, tour operators and more.

See the Local Businesses Directory for contact phone numbers of many of the businesses shown on the map.

The East Coast map has been generated to give the visitor day trip destinations on the east coast from Queen Charlotte. Place your mouse over the marker on the map to find out a little more about the site indicated. These are ideas for hikes, picnic destinations and sites of community interest.

In the same way, the West Coast map gives the visitor ideas for day trip destinations to the west of Queen Charlotte. Again, place your mouse over the marker on the map to find out a little more about the site indicated.

Click here, to download a PDF version of the East and West Coast Tour Map.

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